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Great News, the linocut featured in the previous post has won the Townsville Art Society’s Open Prize… Emily Hill is so excited to have won the prestigious Open Award and has been interviewed by local Townsville media.  Hopefully we can post a full size shot of the image here!



Mischief in the Rainforest

August 2, 2012 § 6 Comments

Things have been quiet here in the Workshop of late… pieces of clay have been fired, slabs of linoleum have been carved, there are shavings of earth and non-earth things flying.  Tiles have been glazed.  Inks have been rolled.  Stuff has been happening…  I have been away but Emily Hill has been busy.

An upcoming Art Prize is on show and Emily is planning on entering the print making section, Emily won’t allow me to photograph the whole image as that will be on show shortly but I have been allowed to pinch just a tiny corner, a small section and will share with you.  Oh by the way, this linocut is MMMmmmasssssive!  And this shot is but a tiny part.

The Exhibition – The Last Post

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To get closure on The Exhibition that Emily Hill recently completed, it was decided to display here for the viewing audience, a slideshow of the pieces that unfortunately did not get sold during the showing, but are fortunately now available for purchase through this blog.  So if you like any of the watercolours below, then leave a message and we will get in touch, will let you know sizes and costs, framed and un-framed…. you may notice a fairly distinct theme in the collection below.

This also frees up Emily to start working hard on her next project to which a few previews may grace these pages.


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Reflective Teatime

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The Exhibition was a huge success for both Emily Hill and the hosting Art Gallery, it was great to see such a positive and warm response to the Artwork on show.  Emily sincerely thanks all that visited and all whom purchased a piece or two for their own Art collections.

There are still a few pieces which didn’t sell and these will be available through this website, please leave a message and I am sure we can work something out.

Here is a Silver Teapot that Emily acquired just prior to the exhibition from a Watercolour friend and subsequently ended up as part of the whole experience.

Red Emperor and Garlic

June 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

Food as a still life is a common theme, and Emily Hill has incorporated that into many of her recent pieces that make up her current exhibition.  Food and cooking is a passion for Emily and it would seem a logical subject matter when compiling work for this show.  Here we see a Red Emperor fish upon the cutting board with a mix of flavours ready on hand; garlic, chiles and spring onions.

Swimmer Crabs and Lantern

June 2, 2012 § 4 Comments

As a young girl, Emily Hill noticed the watercolours that her father had painted and were sometimes around the house.  When the viewer looks into this painting, one can see a moment in time in Emily’s past; the Blue Swimmer Crabs of St Vincent’s Gulf, the earthy warmth to the colours here and also the Hurricane Lamp.  Which ties in nicely to Emily’s current location of Cyclone-prone North Queensland.

This piece sold during the recent exhibition and the lucky new owner has more then just a watercolour, they have a tale of Emily and her story.

Prawns and Gods

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When asked what Emily Hill’s favourite watercolour painting was of the recent Exhibition and this still life gets a mention.  The Star Anise and Cinnamon show a little insight into Emily and her love of cooking and fine eating.  The Prawns are just typical of life in the Tropics, and are a common staple, especially when Coconut is involved.