In the Beginning

May 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Even a terracotta bowl has to start life somewhere, often simply a block of earth, cool and damp to the touch, but soon, in the hands of a potter, a shape forms and evolves from the spinning and whirring of clay.  But it is not the end, decorations need to be made, glazes need to be concocted and applied and multiple firings often await before the end of the day.  Sometimes it takes week for that humble lump of mud to finish its metamorphous, but at other times the process is over with rapidity.

It is less than 2 weeks to go now before the exhibition.  Is the artist ready?  Is there still time for one more piece?


Enter The Kiln

April 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

In this photograph we see not the final result, but a moment captured when the artist, Emily Hill is at an artistic crossroads.  Here we see a porcelain bowl placed inside a kiln, there are still pencil markings on the bowl which will burn off in the firing.  The cobalt will become one with the porcelain and hopefully the blue will stand out against the white background.

With the temperature set to reach 1280 degrees Celsius, even the artist does not know exactly what the outcome will be.


A photograph of a work of art.

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During the creationary process of painting the collection of watercolours for Emily Hill’s upcoming exhibition, Jason Daniels interrupted from  time to time to take a photograph or two.  These photographs depict pencil marks on ceramic bowls or even notes upon watercolour paper.

One or two of these shots will be on display during the Exhibition.  Jason says that he wanted to capture the holistic approach to this exhibition where all of the art works on display will have meaning to each other.

New Inclusions into the May Watercolour Exhibition

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Two recently completed Watercolours will be included in the Exhibition coming up in May.  One is a still life of a flowing fabric of silk decorated with butterflies and parasols and the other is a still life of a collection of delicate porcelain tea cups all balanced upon each other.

Both paintings display vibrancy and colour that is a hallmark of Emily’s watercolour work.  Sneak preview of both pieces can be seen here.  When the exhibition is on, photographs of the whole paintings will be on display in this blog.

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More Photographs in the Exhibition

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Speaking with Jason Daniels who photographed behind the scene shots for the upcoming Watercolour Exhibition by Emily Hill, he explains the history behind this photo of a fish.

“Emily has always worked with lino for making prints and one day she found this new material which is kinda like a white rubber that you can carve and print along the same lines as lino.  It is easier to get a sharper edge but it doesn’t feel as organic.  I wanted to capture for the exhibition, that it is not simply about the watercolours in this exhibition, there’s a story on how many of the still lifes were created.”

Photographs in the Exhibition

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Joining Emily Hill in the upcoming Exhibition is a series of Photographs by Jason Daniels, these photographs document the beauty behind the Watercolour Paintings that make up this exciting holistic display of art.

When the viewer enters the exhibition, they will be met with a collection that has ties within to each and every piece.

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