Prawns and Gods

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When asked what Emily Hill’s favourite watercolour painting was of the recent Exhibition and this still life gets a mention.  The Star Anise and Cinnamon show a little insight into Emily and her love of cooking and fine eating.  The Prawns are just typical of life in the Tropics, and are a common staple, especially when Coconut is involved.


Tea Cups with Spoons.

May 25, 2012 § 6 Comments

The Exhibition opening held by watercolour artist Emily Hill and photographer Jason Daniels was a great success with many of the pieces selling and earning a coveted prized red dot.  It was of interest to note which pieces drew the most attention and also those that were silently viewed from afar.


Previously this blog has offered previews of each of the paintings, but now in a series, the full image will appear and while many of the paintings are sold.  A few are still available at the Gallery for purchase.  Here we find a stack of delicate tea cups perilously posed and delicately painted.  This drew a great deal of positive appreciation from the attendees and was one of the pieces that sold.


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Only 16 Hours to go!

emily hill workshop

After the wee confusion of some mistakes which appeared on the Invite, I can now offer the new and improved version.


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Beach Debris

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This is what started tomorrow’s Exhibition.  Some time ago in Papua New Guinea, Emily Hill painted a watercolour and entered it into the Luk Save Art Show, PNG’s premier display of all things beautiful that is art in such a tribal country.

Emily’s entry was a watercolour of local shells and Red Emperor fish.  This was purchased by a man we shall call Dominic who then decided to host a dinner in honour of the artist and the painting.  A great night was had by all.

Later when Emily returned to Australia, another still life of beach flotsam and jetsam was painted and Dominic was privy to a viewing.  His comment simply was; “Exhibit this painting, build an exhibition around it and I will buy it”.

The Still Life Exhibition was born.  Here is that painting.

Once Upon A Time

May 17, 2012 § 3 Comments

Emily Hill re-discovered Watercolour in Papua New Guinea. Something is not quite right with that statement.  Papua New Guinean art is either tribal carvings, or acrylic cartoons.  The delicate world of washes, cauliflowers and flicking is a world apart.  But in PNG, Emily learnt the joys of a drop of water here and a splash of Quinacridone Gold there, and the result was a passion for watercolours, which has evolved into the exhibition that opens in less than 48 hours.

In a time that once was, and in a country that believes in the unexpected, here Emily offers a portrait of a young Huli Girl dressed in preparation for a Singsing.


Still Life Photography

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In the final days before the Exhibition opens, one more piece was included.  There is a space on the wall that Emily Hill wanted Photographer Jason Daniels to fill with a still life.  Is Photography a legitimate Art form?  That is for the viewer to judge… just don’t ask Jason his opinion.

Tropical Portrait

May 14, 2012 § 4 Comments

Outside of this week’s Exhibition opening, there are a few other projects happening.  Capturing the diversity of life in the Tropics has meant that Emily Hill occasionally paints animal portraiture.  Here we see an Australian Brush Turkey, Alectura lathami.  These birds are commonplace in the gardens and parks that abound in North Queensland.  Great characters, these birds move randomly and without warning.

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